9 Best Professional Notion Templates To Boost Your Productivity In 2024
9 Best Professional Notion Templates To Boost Your Productivity In 2024
9 Best Professional Notion Templates To Boost Your Productivity In 2024

9 BEST Professional Notion Templates To Boost Your Productivity In 2024

9 BEST Professional Notion Templates To Boost Your Productivity In 2024

9 BEST Professional Notion Templates To Boost Your Productivity In 2024

Notion is possibly one of the most versatile apps out there, and depending on projects, business or fancy CVs, you can truly enhance a lot of aspects of the work. Professional Notion templates can surely be helpful for you during the attempt to become more productive and get better results in 2024.

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In this article, I have come up with some of the best Notion templates designed to optimize your productivity and efficiency in 2024.

1. Notion Business OS

The Notion Business OS is an All-in-one system to Track and Manage your entire Business effortlessly. This template helps you manage your entire Business effortlessly.


  1. Add or remove the Projects related to your Business. Track all the Tasks present inside a Project, track their respective statuses and timelines.

  2. Add new Clients and Contacts that your Business is in talks with or is already doing business with.

  3. Track and Manage all the Business related Finances and Accounting like adding Business related Incomes, Expenses and Invoices.

  4. Add new Meetings and Events that are related to your Business.

  5. Add new Business Resources to better help manage your business.

  6. Add or update Customer Support Requests and track them based on their status and priority.

  7. Add, remove or update Team members present inside your business and view all their details in a simple manner.

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2. Ultimate Project Management Template (with AI)

Save your time and use this detailed template to organise your work. Divided in the structure in such a way that each phase of the project and all the knowledge areas have their own sections.

This template is especially useful if there are many projects at the same time to coordinate.


  • It has a structured layout

  • Using AI can enhance your productivity even more

  • Advanced sections for all aspects of the project

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3. Resume & CV Notion Template Bundle

Templates are the best way to strengthen your online resume and this Notion template bundle will surely help you in this regard. This template helps users gather the necessary information or data, manage and edit the CV and other documents containing professional details.

This Notion template bundle helps you stay organised during your job search, making it more streamlined and efficient.


  • Easy customization

  • Integration with LinkedIn

  • Media links and portfolio addition

  • Export to PDF

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4. Notion Software Developer OS

Notion Software Developer OS is an All-in-one System to manage your Team’s entire Software Development Processes effortlessly. This template helps you manage your entire Team’s Software Development processes effortlessly.


  • Track all of your Team’s Tasks, Sprints, Epics and Quarterly Goals.

  • Add or remove your Team’s Projects, Documentation, Notes and many things related to your projects.

  • Add or remove any Learning Resources based on any new technology you’re learning or save informative blogs/articles and access them without a hassle.

  • Manage your entire Team. Onboard new team members, remove or update Team member related information.

  • Save Code Snippets that you find useful and access them from a single place without worrying about losing them.

  • Track all the information related to the Deployments that your team members are going to perform or have already performed.

  • Merge Request Tracker to track and manage your team’s Merge or Pull Requests.

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5. Notion Personal Wiki

Get your chaos under control and manage a vast amount of information with the help of a Personal Wiki template.

This template helps you organise specific objectives, and the transform information into specific actions.


  • Inbox for thoughts

  • Areas & Goals alignment

  • Knowledge consolidation

  • Output for actionable insights

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6. Online Portfolio Notion Template

Promote your portfolio and career using this sleek and simple Notion portfolio template. This template serves a great landing page for your portfolio and CV


  • About page

  • Projects portfolio

  • Contact information

  • Customizable design

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7. Ultimate Notion Resume Builder

Turn your CV into a more sophisticated one with the use of the Ultimate Notion Resume Builder. It has a sober appearance with the clear strips and buttons. This resume builder also comes with drag and drop feature to make your resume building process a breeze.


  • Minimal modern design

  • User-friendly interface

  • Ideal for online sharing

  • Professional presentation

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8. The Dream Job Hub: The Ultimate Job Search Notion Template

Feel free to use this insightful and detailed template to help you kick-start your process of job search and polish it to increase its efficiency.

This template also consists of tactical guides, pre-built databases and automation to conveniently track job posts, companies and contacts, everything inside your Notion workspace.


  • Job-searching guides

  • Automated job post saving

  • Company and contact databases

  • Process organization

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9. Notion Designer Portfolio

Showcase your design projects with this feature-packed portfolio template. It includes tips and example content, making it easy to create an impressive portfolio that highlights your skills.


  • Featured projects section

  • About section

  • Social media links

  • Personal contact form

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