A Beginner’s Guide To Notion Pages
A Beginner’s Guide To Notion Pages
A Beginner’s Guide To Notion Pages

A Beginner’s Guide To Notion Pages

A Beginner’s Guide To Notion Pages

A Beginner’s Guide To Notion Pages

Notion Pages are a great way to add whatever content you want at a single place. In this article I’ll be talking about everything you need to know about Notion Pages

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What exactly is a Page in Notion?

At it’s core, a page inside Notion is just a canvas that contains blocks, which are the building blocks of Notion.

Pages can exist outside of databases as well as inside of one another. A page that is stored in a database has characteristics that are pulled from that database.

Notion differs significantly from most productivity programs due to the flexibility of its pages and the modular parts that reside on them. A page in Notion can serve as a task, writing area, navigation tool, etc.

Notion Page Features

Notion offers several ways for you to personalize a page’s appearance:

  1. Font Style: You can select font styles from Default, Serif and Mono and the font style of the whole page changes accordingly.

  2. Full Width: If this option is enabled, then the page takes up the entire width.

  3. Small Text: If this option is enabled, then the entire text of the page becomes smaller than the default.

  4. Lock Page: This feature when enabled locks the page and you cannot make any changes to it.

How to Create a Page in Notion?

There are multiple different ways to create a page in Notion:

  • Use the shortcut CMD + N for Mac users or CTRL + N for Windows users

  • Click on the “New Page” button that is present in the sidebar

After creating a page, you can add whatever content you want to add in it maybe a todo list or even a meeting notes document.

What are Subpages in Notion?

In Notion, there is no concept of folders. You can arrange pages inside pages inside pages as an alternative. This is where a subpage comes into picture. A Subpage in Notion is basically a page inside another page.

How to Create a Subpage in Notion?

You can easily create a subpage inside a Notion page by using the slash command /page. Immediately, a blank subpage will be shown to you. Like with any new page, you can give it a title and start adding content to it.

You will now see the subpage inline when you go back to the main page. The subpage will also be visible inside the sidebar and breadcrumbs. Using subpages inside Notion, we can nest pages inside pages inside pages.

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